Monday, 21 May 2012

2012 Season up and running!

Hello everyone!!

I hope everyone has had a fantastic start of the year with lots of great diving!
If not, you know where to go!!! ;)

I also wanna say thanks to all the lovely people that`s been visiting us this year!

There will soon be an update on the staff that works here this year, I will go out with my camera tomorrow to get some new photos of our fantastic staff of 2012

Thursday, 14 April 2011

The 2011 Season has started!!!

Hey everyone!

Now I`m giving you a taste of how the season has been so far this year....


Mario, one of the Instructors this year

 Anouk, one of our Instructors this year

 Uda can do everything...

 New boat this season!

Welcome to our paradise!!!

We also had nice visit from Kuala Lumpur beginning of April!
Hello Divers!!!
 Jenny, Tuan Farid, Tuan Nik, Anouk, Taufik & Weli

Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Happy New year to everyone!!

Now a new year is beginning, and also a new season for Angel Divers! Hope you all had a nice winter, now it`s time to start diving again!!

We will open in February again so you are all welcome!!!

In the meantime I`ll give you some photos from 2010....  Enjoy!!

 Dinner in October 2010
 High level learning :)
 Dive at Sugar Wreck
 The shop from the front
 Our lovely crew doing their Open Water
 Peters Birthday!
 Dive Planning
 Coming back from a dive
 View from inside the shop
 Setting the gear and prepare for a dive
Ready to go!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Other Services

Diving, as you probably know, is our main service but we try to offer something for everyone, diver or not.

Therefor we have some other offers in the shop that we will share wih you here...


One of the most popular activities on the Perhentian Islands is the Snorkeling Trip. When you go for the Snorkeling Trips you have the opportunity to see turtles, sharks, colourful fishes and beautiful coral. It is more than 99% chance to see these amazing Black-Tip Sharks and Hawksbill Turtles.

Long Snorkeling Trip
When: Everyday from 10.30 am to 3.30 pm
Where: This trip will take you to around 5-6 different spots including a stop in Fishing Village for lunch and the most famous sites for spotting sharks and turtles
Price: Rm 35 (incl. gear) Lunch not included
Guide: Bob

Short Snorkeling Trip
When: Everyday, hour is flexible (depend on the request from the customers)
Where: This trip will take you to around 2-3 different spots including the most famous sites for spotting sharks and turtles
Price: Rm 25 (incl. gear)
Guide: Bob

If you do not wish to go for a full-day activity such as a Snorkeling Trip you can also rent your Snorkeling Equipment from us and go snorkeling right from the beach. Info on that below.


For the more adventurous people who like to explore by themselves you can also rent Scuba Diving- & Snorkeling- Gear at the diveshop. We also have Underwater Camera, Dive Computer, Life Jacket and more for rent.
We rent daily with return at 7 pm every day.

For a more detailed list of items and prices pease send an e-mail to


If you are visiting the island for a shorter period and want to escape the hazzard of arriving here without knowing in any way where to stay, where to eat or what to do we also offer different packages depending on your preferences. Bookings (specially the room) can be a good idea to book in advance since there are times on the island when all rooms are fully booked (specially peak season, May - August, and weekends). If you haven`t brought your tent it migh be a good idea to book ahead ;)

Fun Dive- & Room Package

Package A1: 2Days/1Night
                  Choose between Fan- or AC Room, 2-4 Fun Dives

Package A2: 3Days/2Nights
                  Choose between Fan- or AC Room, 3-6 Fun Dives

Package A3: 4Days/3Nights
                  Choose between Fan- or AC Room, 4-9 Fun Dives

Dive Course- & Room Package

Package B1: Open Water Course, 4Days/3Nights
                  Choose between Fan- or AC Room (extra nights possible)

Package B2: Advanced Open Water Course, 3Days/2Nights
                  Choose between Fan- or AC Room (extra nights possible)

Snorkeling & Room Package

Package C1: Long Snorkeling Trip + Room
                  Choose between Fan- or AC Room, 1/2/3 Nights

Package All included

Package D1: Boat ticket, A/C Room, Food (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner), Activity (Diving,
                  Snorkeling, Canoeing, Jungle-trekking)
                  Choose between 1/2/3 Nights, one or a combinatiob of Activities

Prices for all packages depend on your preferences.
If you wish to book a package send us an e-mail containing:
* Package Code
* Date and Time of Arrival
* Amount of people
* Specific preferences

Example: We are two people who want to do Package A2 with AC Room and 4 Dives. We will arrive on the 26th of July around 12 pm.

After receiving your preferred Package we will send you additional info such as price, deposit etc and you can confirm and bank in a deposit to our account.

Please e-mail us at for bookings or more information

The Diveshop

Angel Divers, on Coral Bay, Perhentian Island was born to the world in March 2010.
Since then we`ve met a lot of wonderful people, had lots of fun and shared millions of different experiences between each other...

There is not only diving going on here, we also have snorkeling trips, equipment rental, room bookings, packages, live-band performances and more....

The shop is a meeting point for anyone visiting this paradise island. We have many places to chillout and talk to other people travelling around or working on the island.. You can lean back in one of our hammocks, relax in the sofa-area upstairs or sit down at the table on the beach and talk t people or just read a book.

We offer:

* Small divegroups (maximum 4 divers per DM/Inst on each dive)
* Oxygen- and First Aid- Kit on the boat
* All staff are PADI certified professionals
* PADI courses starting everyday
* Cash & Credit Card (VISA & Mastercard) payments possible
* No extra charges when paying with Credit Card
* Courses in English, Spanish, French, Swedish, Malay
* Experienced local Dive Masters & Instructors
* Chillout
* Chillout atmosphere
* Friendly staff

Dive Courses (PADI)

* Discover Scuba Diver
* Scuba Diver
* Open Water Diver
* Advanced Open Water Diver
* Emergency First Response (EFR)
* Rescue Diver
* Specialty Courses (Night, Deep, Navigation, Wreck, PeakPerformance Buoyancy (PPB),
                                Underwater Photography)
* Master Scuba Diver
* Dive Master

We also offer
* Intro Dives
* Fun Dives

Example of Fun Dives:
* Night Dive
* Dawn Dive
* Wreck Dive
* Drift Dive
* Muck Dive
* and more...

For price info or bookings contact us by sending an e-mail to or call us on +6010 - 576 55 64

For information on our other services (snorkeling, room bookings, packages etc) check out the Post "Other services"

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Weli, The Owner

It all started with this man, Wan Rusli Wan Ahmad or, as most people call him, Weli.
He`s been working in the diving industry on the island for over 10 years. He started from the bottom filling tanks, driving the boat and has now reached the level of Master Scuba Diver Trainer and is now the owner of his own shop, Angel Divers.

Weli`s philosophies of Life

" Never take advantage of other peoples weakness and kindness"
"Always be honest and never put a fake mask over my face for your own good"
"Always stay away from other people`s most precious belongings"
"Give the best of yourself to everyone that you meet"
"Success is hard to acheive. Even though I have everything on the outside,  I need to always keep moving"

Truth & Trust

"Truth has very few friends and those few are suicides"
"I trust everyone.  I just don't trust the devil inside them"

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Welcome to Paradise

Hello Hola Hej Assalamualaikum 
and welcome to Angel Divers!

We are a small shop with priorities lying on friendly staff, chill atmosphere, customer service, safety and more...

We are driven by our passion for diving and for meeting new people from all over the world.
This blog has been created so that anyone can find Information about diving, our shop, our other services (snorkeling trips, gear rental, boat taxi, transport to/from the island, room bookings, packages etc...) and memories from people that has been visiting us....

We will start with some photos from our shop...