Thursday, 14 April 2011

The 2011 Season has started!!!

Hey everyone!

Now I`m giving you a taste of how the season has been so far this year....


Mario, one of the Instructors this year

 Anouk, one of our Instructors this year

 Uda can do everything...

 New boat this season!

Welcome to our paradise!!!

We also had nice visit from Kuala Lumpur beginning of April!
Hello Divers!!!
 Jenny, Tuan Farid, Tuan Nik, Anouk, Taufik & Weli

Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Happy New year to everyone!!

Now a new year is beginning, and also a new season for Angel Divers! Hope you all had a nice winter, now it`s time to start diving again!!

We will open in February again so you are all welcome!!!

In the meantime I`ll give you some photos from 2010....  Enjoy!!

 Dinner in October 2010
 High level learning :)
 Dive at Sugar Wreck
 The shop from the front
 Our lovely crew doing their Open Water
 Peters Birthday!
 Dive Planning
 Coming back from a dive
 View from inside the shop
 Setting the gear and prepare for a dive
Ready to go!